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Create User fills patterns with Embird Digitizing Studio

Have you ever wanted a special pattern fill to digitize some of those cute clipart pictures but your software didn’t have the kind of embroidered fill you had imagined?

These three short videos will show you how to develop your very own designed fill patterns in the Embird “Digitizing Tools” also known as the “Studio” part of the Embird embroidery software. The videos play on the Windows Media Player. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the player to assure the videos play well for you.

Save the zipped downloaded files to a folder on your computer first. Then double click on the zipped file to open them. If you have Windows Media Player as you default player they will begin to play. You can also right click on the opened file and choose open with Windows Media Player.
Hope you enjoy the Videos!

I also have a Yahoo group which is dedicated to help each other in learning to digitize and learn our software tools. We have done a lot of work with digitizing lace and I have some free digitizing tutorials in the group. So you are more than welcome to join! If you are looking for comprehensive Digitizing Video Tutorials you can visit my website and check out my CDs.


Video 1 - Duration 2:18 - Size 2.8 mb

Video 2 - Duration 0:57 - Size 1.3 mb

Video 3 - Duration 0:54 - Size 1.1 mb


My name is Diane Slachter. I own the website of Diane Designs Home  where I mainly provide  Video Digitizing Tutorials on CDs. I do carry a few designs and will have more in the future.

I have Video Digitizing Tutorials in the Embird, 3D Embroidery, Pedesign-Pallette, Masterworks,Autodigitizing,Generations, Bernina DesignerPlus software. I have been digitizing over 10 years.
I also am the owner of the Yahoo Group The Lace Place, here we concentrate on digitizing skills along with learning our software tools. We also share how to digitize lace for machine embroidery with various software. The members of the group are very helpful to each other.
Diane Slachter

Diane Designs Home - Click here to visit my Tutorials section


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