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Digitizing a Balloon using Embird Digitizing Studio
Part 1 of 2

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of digitizing with Embird Studio. 
This tutorial is a basic digitizing lesson for those who are new to Embird Digitizing Studio, using only the fill and outline tools.  It  does not go into the more advanced features such as adding and editing connection stitches, changing parameters or any of the many other  tools available in the program. There is so much more to Studio, but this design is a good starting point as you learn how to digitize.   Even if you aren’t new to Studio, I am sure you will enjoy this tutorial.     
Embird Studio (Digitizing Tools) is part of the Embird suite of programs.   It is available for download at and is a fully functional program, with the exception that until you purchase the registration number, you cannot save designs or export them to Editor.   It can be purchased at a 10% discount from my web site, and if you enjoy digitizing with Studio, I also have several tutorials on Embird as well as the on line Flying Needle Studio Club .

Enjoy the tutorial.      

This video tutorial is divided in 4 files for easier loading
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Video 1 - Duration 2:21" - Size 6.9 mb

Video 2 - Duration 4:42" - Size 9.3 mb

Video 3 - Duration 6:06" - Size 8.4 mb

Video 4 - Duration 5:08" - Size 7.7 mb

My love of sewing and embroidery began at an early age and was always there in the background, even though other things seemed to take precedence during the years of raising a family and working as a paralegal in law firms. When home embroidery machines were first introduced into the marketplace, I was fascinated with the way these embroidery machines would combine my love of sewing with the decorative arts, but it was several years before I actually took the plunge and purchased my first machine.

We all have a story to tell as to how we started with machine embroidery. When our daughter told us we would soon become first-time grandparents, I immediately celebrated by going out and purchasing my first embroidery machine. That first machine started a journey into machine embroidery that has evolved from digitizing my first designs, even before there were computerized software programs, to beginning my own web site in 1996 and to the point now where I not only digitize my own designs, but also teach others the joys of digitizing and editing designs in on-line downloadable monthly lessons with my Champagne Club of Design Editing and Splitting and Studio Club of digitizing, and also in classes both locally and as a travel teacher, both in Canada and the United States. It has been and continues to be a journey that is both personally fulfilling and always interesting as I meet so many of you who share my love of embroidery.

Kathy Jones

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