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Merging, Masking, and just generally having a great time

Occasionally, you want to join two designs together to form a single design, but you don’t want one design to sew over the embroidery stitches of the other design. Embird makes this process fairly easy with its Merge and Mask features.

Step 1 – Select and bring the background design into Embird editor, as shown below, and resize it as required to give you a full background.

Step 2 – Click on Files/Merge in the main Menu and a Merge window on the left will open to allow you to select and bring in the front design.

Resize as needed and place the 2nd design where you want it to be placed in the finished Design.

In order to select the design that you’re trying to move, it’s often easier to select it on the right of the design where each design is displayed separately.


In the example, I wanted to have the fairy kneeling in front of the toadstool, and resized proportionally.

Step 3 – Select “Edit/Select All”, then “Edit/Mask” and save the new design. If you look at the background design, you will see where the original stitches have been removed. The remaining jump stitches should be left, because they will be covered up by the other design. You can merge and Mask multiple designs together.


My wife Susan and I run the Quilted Oaks Quilt shop in Camdenton MO, at the Lake of the Ozarks. We offer quilting and digitizing lesson classes, as well sell and sevice the KenQuilt Long arm quilting machine.

Drop by my Yahoo Group for free lessons on Embird and Janome Customizer

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