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Creating your own borders

There are a couple of ways to make your own borders, using the Border Menu features, or using previously created simple EOFs designs.

Using previous EOFs designs


Step 1 – Open Studio by clicking on the Studio Icon in Embird Manager or Editor.

Step 2 – Select the Outline Icon and set the parameters for Satin Stitch, with a width of 1.1.

Step 3 – Click in the workspace, select Shape/Rounded Rectangle from the main Menu, and drag your mouse to form a rectangle similar to the one below.

Right-click, select “To Elements” from the menu, and press the space bar.
Right-click again and select “Generate Stitches”.

Your design should now resemble the design below.





Step 4 – Save the design using Design/Save As/ Design.eof in a directory that you can find later. Click on Design/New.




Step 5 – Select the Outline Icon again, and this time create an Oval design, similar to the one on the right.

Step 6 – Right click on the design, and select the “User Editors” option, and click on the Border Button (Last one). The screen below should appear.



Step 7 – double-click on the first box, and select the EOF design that you just saved.

The highlighted box above should change to reflect your new selection. Click OK, and you should return to your design.

Step 8 – Right-Click on your design, and select “Parameters”.  Select the Border parameter, and find your saved border in the drop-down window. Select the Height & Width for 1.5, and click on Generate Stitches.

Your results should resemble the illustration below.

Some simple example of frames that I have created are illustrated below.

Try various EOFs, to see what you can create. You can even create interesting designs using borders, instead of stain stitches similar to the one below.








Using Embird’s Border creation features

Embird has the ability to create your own borders using the Column Stitch, Column Stitch with pattern, and the Outline Icons. I find the first two methods, extremely difficult to use, so I will ignore those for now. You may want to play with them yourself.

Step 1 – Select Edit in main menu and Preferences to set grid color.





Step 2 – Select Design/Border/New in Main Menu. The illustration to the right will appear.

Always start on the Left and finish on the right.




Column Stitch
Column w/ pattern

Step 3 – Only three tool Icons can be used to create a border:

Using the outline Tool to create a custom border

Select the Outline Icon, and the illustration below will open. Next select the curve feature.

Click on the left side of the border box, and then in the middle and finally on the right, as in the illustration below.




Adjust your curves using the Small circles so that you have a good scallop. You can use the ruler on the left side, or the grid as a reference.

When you have the curve the way that you want, Click on Convert in the main Menu and select “Convert Column from Outline.

Set the scallop thickness to the desired size and click on the Checkmark.


Clicking on the thickness symbol will open up the slide ruler so that you can select any thickness you desire.

Once you have the desired thickness, delete the outline component, by selecting it and hitting your PCs delete key. Your border should now look similar to the one on the next page.

The next step is to edit your border (right click – edit) so that the edges on each side are one box out, as illustrated below.

Also check that each set of square nodes have
an “end of Segment” connecting them .

You can right click and select “End of segment”
Top create them if they don’t exist.

You can also edit the various nodes of the
curve so that they look better if you wish.

Once you are set, press the Space bar to accept, right click on the border, and select “Generate Stitches”. Your border should resemble the illustration below.

Click on File/Border/Save Border As to save your work.

Now let’s use the new border you just created. Borders can only be used on outlines.

Click on File, New, and select the Outline Icon from the toolbar on the left side. We’ll use the predefined 16 element Ellipse shape, illustrated to the right to demonstrate our point.  Draw the Ellipse as you normally would, then right click and select User Editors.



The Window above will appear. Select the Border button.

The screen below will appear. Double click on the first Design Name box, and select the scallop border you created earlier.


Right Click on The design and select parameter. Select Borders, and your scallop border.

Click on Generate Stitches, and your ellipse should now have a border similar to the first illustration below. Selecting the 3D feature on the bottom should result in the second illustration below.






You can play with the Width and Height adjustments in the parameter screen to modify it to what you want.

Hope that this at least gets you started in developing your own borders and designs from them.


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