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Converting embroidery files using Embird Editor and BuzzXplore

Many times we need to change the format of an embroidery design so that our machines can “read” them to stitch designs out.

This video will show you how you can easily convert designs using either Embird software or
Buzz Xplore software and walk you through the steps involved in doing this.

I will also show you how to create a page of thumbnail photos with size and thread color information that you can keep beside your machine for easy reference.

Happy stitching!

Debbie Hicks
Too Cute Embroidery

Duration 10:05" - Size 7.7 mb

My name is Debbie Hicks and I am the digitizer behind Too Cute Embroidery. I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband of 25 years and two adult children, who are both students, Sarah, 23, and Chris, 21.

I am a quilter and have loved sewing for some time. I got into embroidery a few years ago when my friends started getting embroidery machines. It wasn’t long after that I began learning to digitize. I love to create cute things for others – whether it’s a gift for a friend or my embroidery designs. I love happy children’s designs and things designed to make you smile – but enjoy a variety of styles and types of designs.

I currently digitize part-time and sell designs through my site as well as Oregon PatchWorks and Adorable Affordable Design Mall. In the next year, I will be offering my designs for retail sale as well.

Quality is my top priortity – that and creating designs that people enjoy stitching out – because that’s what it’s all about. I think it’s very important for us to find some playtime and time to be creative in our too-busy lives.

I have just teamed up with Digitizers World to offer live on-line lessons both in using Embird and Studio software and look forward to connect with embroiderers and helping others learn and grow in their embroidery. I also am creating videos and video lessons to help embroiderers in learning the basics to use their computers and would invite anyone who has been struggling with their computers to visit me so that I can help them out!

I hope that my tutorials will be helpful to you and help you to do what you need to do quickly and easily.

Debbie Hicks

Too Cute Embroidery - Take my Online Lessons


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