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Applique Quick Start 

Quilt Sampler Designs

I love machine applique! It’s a great way to showcase special fabrics,  takes very little time and gives you immediate results.  As a machine quilter, I often admire applique I would see but found it was time consuming, awkward,  and not something I really enjoyed doing.  With the ability to do applique with my embroidery machine, that has all changed. Applique patterns often stitch out more quickly than fill patterns and if you have a stash of beautiful fabrics you love (like me) you can use bits of fabrics 

Basically when you machine applique a design, your machine makes four loops around the design. It’s very easy and very fast!

These rounds each have a job:

1st round stitches an outline and shows you how large a piece of fabric you will need
2nd round stitches a running stitch around the piece of fabric securing it
3rd round does a tack down stitch to thoroughly anchor your fabric
4th round finishes up the edge with a nice satin stitch and cleans everything up!

First you will hoop up as you normally would with stabilizer underneath – and which you use depends on the pattern – medium-weight tear away works fine for most projects.

Start your machine and it will go around the first time stitching out an outline of the design – now you know how large a piece of fabric you need

You next need to place a piece of fabric a bit larger than your design on top. I usually play it safe and put a large piece down. Start the machine and it will run around once stitching the design outine on the fabric  

Once this is done, you need to remove your hoop from the machine and trim around
the edge of your design. I have a small pair of curved scissors I use that get nice
and close. I normally go around twice trimming – I do a rough quickie cut and then on the second round try to get as close as I can

You want to trim close and make sure you don’t have a lot of ‘pokey’ threads around the edge. Canned air works great for this. Once you trim the edges, give it a quick blast – cleans it up nicely
When you put your hoop back in to your machine and start it, it will go around once more doing a tack down stitch all around the design

The tacking round secures and then will be covered by the next round – the satin stitch – start your machine again and the satin stitch will cover your edges


Here’s our finished design – while this is a basic design, sometimes designs will have more stitches added to them to create more detail. For instance, on this pattern, I am going to make another kimono with a neck edge and some decorative stitch sections on the sides of either arm and along the bottom edge…if that were the case everything would stitch on top of your applique design like any other embroidery design. You would just choose your thread color and start the machine again, letting it stitch out the decorative details of the design – great job!  You’re a machine appliquer now!

I’ll be offering LOTS of applique patterns so come back and visit often!


Be sure to check out my machine applique patterns on the OPW Mall
and happy stitching!

Too Cute Embroidery

Here are some of my customers projects using my applique designs.

Designs from Junior Mechanics Collection

Overalls made with Kitchen Stitchin Designs


My name is Debbie Hicks and I am the digitizer behind Too Cute Embroidery. I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband of 25 years and two adult children, who are both students, Sarah, 23, and Chris, 21.

I am a quilter and have loved sewing for some time. I got into embroidery a few years ago when my friends started getting embroidery machines. It wasn’t long after that I began learning to digitize. I love to create cute things for others – whether it’s a gift for a friend or my embroidery designs. I love happy children’s designs and things designed to make you smile – but enjoy a variety of styles and types of designs.

I currently digitize part-time and sell designs through my site as well as Oregon PatchWorks and Adorable Affordable Design Mall. In the next year, I will be offering my designs for retail sale as well.

Quality is my top priortity – that and creating designs that people enjoy stitching out – because that’s what it’s all about. I think it’s very important for us to find some playtime and time to be creative in our too-busy lives.

I have just teamed up with Digitizers World to offer live on-line lessons both in using Embird and Studio software and look forward to connect with embroiderers and helping others learn and grow in their embroidery. I also am creating videos and video lessons to help embroiderers in learning the basics to use their computers and would invite anyone who has been struggling with their computers to visit me so that I can help them out!

I hope that my tutorials will be helpful to you and help you to do what you need to do quickly and easily.

Debbie Hicks

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