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Clipartopolis University

Artwork Software:
  Clipartorama Walkthrough by Sue Lough
  Lesson 1 - composing a scene by Vanessa Page
  Intro to Clipartorama by Kathy Jones
  Creating your first Clipart by Kathy Jones
  Snowman Composition by Kathy Jones
Digitizing Software:
  Embird Digitizing Studio
  Digitizing a Balloon part 1 by Kathy Jones
    Digitizing a Balloon part 2 by Kathy Jones
  Digitizing a Flower by Vanessa Page
  Digitizing a Duck by Vanessa Page
  Creating Custom Pattern Fills by Diane Slachter
  Creating your own Borders by Lanny Logan
     Using the Rotational Feature by Lanny Logan
  Using the Parameters Feature by Lanny Logan
NEW   Applique Snail by Fabiola Leone
NEW   Digitize a Cutwork Butterfly by Francesca Rosini
  Basics by Lisa Shaw
  Digitizing a Horse by Vanessa Page
  PE Design
  Embossed designs by Sue Lough
  Bernina Artista
  How to make a Pretty Monogram by June Atherton
  4D Embroidery Software
   Redwork using the Digitizing module by Diane Slachter
Embroidery Software:
  Embird Editor
  Embird Intro by Debbie Hicks
  Create a Calendar by Vanessa Page
    Converting files using Embird & BuzzXplore by Debbie Hicks
  Mergin & Masking by Lanny Logan
Machine Embroidery:
  Fabric Postcards by Debbie Hicks
  Applique quick start by Debbie Hicks
Computer Related:
  Working with Zip files by Debbie Hicks

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